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Dec 8, 2012 9:30pm EST
. there has been important legislation brought in by the union of india and we've seen more eradicate these problems. it seems to be a failure of government. is tecked thing you did mention but you did not highlight, when we're talking about india the fundamental issues is cast, it is the vast majority that are in slaves are in low cast or minority groups. this is the idea of people not wanting to let go of slavery because of the privileges it gives them. when we're trying to think about political engagement of our country and support of the grass roots movement off slaves we see a more complex and difficult process which is one which is, in fact, which is not eliminated by human rights or other sorts of lenses but which need be looked at by a social lens in the terms of social movement building. i think that is someone missing from your analysis but no more academic can say everything in a limited period of time. >> thank you for those points. they are all well-taken. i do spent quite a bit of my book on caste. there are disenfranchised groups but tribes in thailand and burma for exa
Dec 9, 2012 12:30am EST
seen some important legislation brought by the union government of india up. and much of the rest of the country, it seems to me to be an expression of feller of government. whenever we and talking about the fundamentals of the issues, it is the vast majority of people and is live are from low- cost minority groups. people are not wanting to alecto because of the aristocratic privileges a gives them. whenever we give them comfort and support to liberate themselves, we see a complex process, one which is not particularly if by human rights or other sorts of lenses but must be used with specific clauses. i think that is something that is missing from. nobody from your academic and say everything. >> thank you for those points. i do spend quite a lot of time on my book. it is not just there. there are disenfranchised are cast groups. they might not be rigid certain ethnic groups of them to africa. and there is always people across africa. there is always an ethnicity of people who have been at the forefront and to have been exported sometimes and slavery and in other times bad condit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2